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BIBIBOP is Coming to Grove City!

Meet your new favorite restaurant!
The news is out, BIBIBOP Asian Grill is officially coming to Grove City on August 12th! We will open the doors of our new Parkway Center North... read more

Because You Want to Feel Good - Exercise!

How moving is good for your Well-Being
Everyone knows that they should exercise, but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation! We want immediate change but it doesn't always happen... read more

How to Bop In and Out Safely

New safety guidelines for BIBIBOP's reopening
At BIBIBOP we Take Care Always, so to help take care of you, our teammates, and our community, we are introducing some new safety guidelines for our... read more

Working on Eating from Home

Helpful hints to keep WFH from adding lbs

Working from home has changed the way we have meetings, handle projects, and even the way we eat. When you work so close to snacks, it's easy to get off track!

... read more

The Color of Health

Adding new hues can mean fewer "bless yous"
A healthy and delicious way to boost your immune system is to add more color to your diet at BIBIBOP Asian Grill Recently the... read more

We Can't Stress Relationships Enough

Other people are good for our Well-Being
Getting BIBIBOP with friends can be good for your well-being Sometimes when you're stressed, the LAST thing you want to do is spend time... read more

Good Mood Food

What you eat defines your mental well-being
Eating BIBIBOP can improve your mood The old cliche says that you are what you eat. Turns out, it's true. An article from the Harvard... read more

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