Let’s raise some funds

Here at BIBIBOP, we partner with non-profit organizations to help raise funds for their group. By having a fundraiser with BIBIBOP, your organization can earn 20% of the sales your group spends with us! This is a dine and donate set up. Leading up the event, your organization will pass out flyers and spread the word about their fundraiser. Then on the fundraising night, your supporters can come in and enjoy a wonderful and healthy meal!

Find your local

BIBIBOP started in Columbus, Ohio in 2013, and now you can find locations in Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, California, and Washington DC. Find the BIBIBOP closest to you!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I set up a fundraising event at BIBIBOP?

    It’s easy! Just visit your local BIBIBOP Asian Grill and connect with the General Manager. They will provide you with a fundraiser application, help you schedule a date for your fundraiser, and will get their team ready for your guests!


  • Do we need to create a flyer to fundraise with BIBIBOP?

    The BIBIBOP location you partner with will provide you with an official flyer that contains all of the details necessary for your fundraiser. Your group will need to hand out flyers or email digital versions of the flyer to your supporters.

  • How do we earn funds with BIBIBOP?

    When your supporters visit BIBIBOP on the day of your fundraiser, they will need to show the flyer that BIBIBOP created for you- either a printed version or a picture of it on their phone. This will let the cashier know to mark their order for your fundraiser.


  • How do we receive our funds from BIBIBOP?

    After your fundraiser is complete, you will receive an email from BIBIBOP with the total your fundraiser earned. We will send a check for that amount to your organization.


  • Can we do a fundraiser online?

    Currently BIBIBOP Fundraisers are only available through in-store orders. Guests can order their bowls for dine-in or to-go.