Eat Well Be Well

Working on Eating from Home

Helpful hints to keep WFH from adding lbs

Working from home has changed the way we have meetings, handle projects, and even the way we eat. When you work so close to snacks, it’s easy to get off track. Recently the Cleveland Clinic asked registered dietitian Ann Taylor for some tips to help us eat healthy while we work from home and we wanted to share a few!

1. Don’t work in (or near) the kitchen

Maybe you have a dedicated office or work space in your home, or maybe you migrate around the house- wherever you work, make sure it’s not near the kitchen! Let’s call this the See Food Principle. If you see food, you’ll want food. Keeping the kitchen out of sight is a good way to avoid getting distracted by a bag of chips.

3. Make sure you actually eat
9. When you eat, just eat

Working at the office means there are clocks, schedules, reminders, and other people making lunch plans to remind you to eat. At home, it’s just you, the laptop, and Zoom meetings that seem to go WAY longer than regular meetings. All of these can distract you from eating! Make time in your schedule for lunch. Don’t just run downstairs for a quick granola bar. Give yourself time to make a healthy, balanced meal that will fuel the rest of your work day, then enjoy that meal by closing the laptop for a moment!

5. Focus on real food

You’ll hear us say, “Eat Well Be Well” because it’s true. You get out what you put in your meals. If your work from home life is driven by cookies and coffee, you’re going to crash. Next time you have groceries delivered, look for lean proteins, colorful vegetables, and healthy fats. Not only will these help you feel and function better, they’ll also boost your immune system, which is extremely helpful right now. 

With a few simple changes, we can make sure that healthy eating will be part of our work from home routine, and when this is all over we can just grab some co-workers and go out to BIBIBOP for lunch!