BIBIBOP Asian Grill

WELL B-ING Starts Here - Est. 2013


It began with a vision to bring the time-honored flavors and healthy ingredients of South Korea to Columbus, Ohio. From that dream, BIBIBOP was born. Inspired by the traditional Korean dish bibimbap, we sought to make balanced and healthy Asian cuisine accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

From the day we opened the doors of our first location in 2013, BIBIBOP is true to what we envisioned: A quick, complete and nutritious meal - with flavors unlike any other concept. Our goals of strengthening our neighbor and enriching the lives of our team members are what drive us to continuously grow and promote a happy, healthy lifestyle for all.


I grew up in the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea. I have a fond memory of a friend inviting me to breakfast, and I remember his mom serving me an egg over rice—a luxury at that time. Even at my young age, I recognized his family had extended generosity beyond their means. They welcomed me into their home and served me the best food they had.

I later immigrated to the United States, and by the time I was fourteen, I was washing dishes in a restaurant. Working hard was important to me, and I wasn’t afraid to begin dreaming. BIBIBOP grew out of a dream to serve others, serve our community, and serve you. Our brand was founded on “strengthening our neighbor”—to me, that means giving our customers our very best, just as my friend’s family served me. We can always offer a smile and a hot meal.

We serve traditional Korean food in a fresh and familiar way, merging the beloved Korean flavors of my childhood with new dreams. It’s our hope that you can taste the excitement and passion in our food, and perhaps it will inspire you to begin dreaming too.


The medicinal properties and complex symbolism of food are highly valued in Korean cuisine. Nourishing both the body and mind is the key to optimal health. Korean dishes are crafted thoughtfully, balanced artfully, and presented beautifully. Each ingredient interacts with the next to maximize health benefits and display a harmony of color.

According to Korean beliefs, five primary flavors represent the five elements: Sour is wood, bitter is fire, salty is water, spicy is metal, and sweet is earth. No single element is most important, they must join together. This unity is believed to influence our temperament and health and has profound ties to the world around us. Traditional Korean recipes, such as bibimbap, adhere to this principle of balance, thus creating a colorful and wholesome dish that has meaning far beyond taste.

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