Kansas City Offer

If they win, you win… again!

A big game win means free bowls in Kansas City

Kansas City football fans, make sure you download the BIBIBOP Rewards app before Sunday’s big game, because when the Chiefs win, you’ll win a free bowl from BIBIBOP!

A Chiefs win on Sunday, February 7th, means that fans with the BIBIBOP Rewards App will be able to celebrate with one FREE bowl per account at any of the three BIBIBOP locations in Kansas City:

  • 505 W. 75th St., Kansas City, MO
  • 11875 W. 95th St., Overland Park, KS
  • 6455 W. 135th St., Overland Park, KS

To be eligible to win a victory bowl filled with lean proteins, fresh veggies, and bold flavors, fans will need to download the BIBIBOP Rewards App and “favorite” one of the three Kansas City locations before the end of the game on February 7th. The BIBIBOP Rewards App is free to download at bibibop.com/rewards or by searching BIBIBOP in app store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get a free bowl? The BIBIBOP Rewards app & you need to mark one of the three Kansas City locations as your favorite store.

Can I get a free bowl if I don’t live in KC? Well yes, if you set a KC location as your favorite, but you will only be able to redeem your free bowl at one of our Kansas City locations.

How long will I have to redeem my free bowl? Through the month of February. BIBIBOP is still recognizing social-distancing mandates and safety protocols, so we wanted to give everyone plenty of time to spread out and order whenever they please.

Can I get more than one free bowl? No. Only one bowl per account.

I just downloaded the app and got a $5 Reward, can I combine that with my free bowl? No. Only one redemption is allowed per order.

Are you REALLY the Chiefs good luck charm? Sure seems like it!

When do I have to download the BIBIBOP Rewards app by to be eligible to win a free bowl? Before the end of the game. Once they lift the trophy, you’re too late!

How can I claim my free bowl? You can claim your bowl in store by tapping the REDEEM button and scanning the QR code at the register after ordering your bowl. You can also order online at bibibop.com, by placing a bowl in your cart, then adding your Free Bowl Reward during checkout.

Can I get my free bowl delivered? Yes! You can order delivery through bibibop.com, but there will be an extra charge.

Can I get my free bowl through DoorDash, Postmates, or Uber Eats? No, you can only redeem Rewards in store or at bibibop.com.

What if they don’t win? Come on now…