$10 Well-Being Meal

Well B·ing Month

Celebrate This August With Us

For a decade, BIBIBOP has championed Well B·ing. We believe that fueling your body with the right food may lead to a happier and more energized life.

This August, we’re all about self-care and Well B·ing. Take some time to focus on yourself and nourish your mind, body, & soul. Find your balance at BIBIBOP with our NEW online exclusive deal – the Well B·ing Meal.

The Well B·ing Meal includes one original-sized customizable bowl (one protein, two bases, six toppings, and one sauce), one cookie, and one bubbler or fountain drink for just $10! Start your journey to a good meal today!

Promotion Available for a Limited Time Only.

Applicable Locations: Available at all locations except Liberty Center, Santa Monica, University of Dayton, & Washington Township.

Applicable Channels: Available to order online through BIBIBOP.com and the BIBIBOP Rewards app only. Not available to order through a third-party site (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, etc.) nor in-store.