Late Night Slice and BIBIBOP: a Collaboration Made in Entrepreneur Heaven

In 2009, Mikey Sorboro, Jason Biundo, and Bryce Ungerott were searching for a pizza spot from which they could grab a slice or two after leaving the bars in the Short North. They searched weekend after weekend and never stumbled upon one. (Sometimes they did stumble, though.) What they did find as a result of their wild, pizza-less nights, however, was the inspiration to create a late-night pizza joint where anything goes. Enter Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Open until 4am, this nighttime eatery quickly became a beloved staple among the nocturnal Columbus crowd.


A few years later, Charley Shin noticed a different kind of absence in the Columbus food scene. At the time, there were no local restaurants that were both quick and reminiscent of the cuisine from his native South Korea. Being a veteran of the food industry by that time, he and his small but dedicated team set out to change that. One year later, our beloved BIBIBOP Asian Grill was born.


If you compare these two establishments on a surface level, they appear to be diametrically opposed. Walk into any Late Night Slice location and you’ll notice the witty stickers everywhere: an anthropomorphic slice of pizza exclaiming “I’m into fitness. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth,” for example. Typical offerings include standard slices and pies along with specialty items like the “Cheezus Crust,” which is literally a pizza sandwich filled with even more cheese. By contrast, when you walk into a BIBIBOP, you’ll notice minimalist graphics on the light colored walls. Posters boast the health benefits of signature ingredients. Team members are eager to explain what makes the purple rice better for you than white.


Two totally different concepts, but at the end of the day our ultimate goal is more similar than different: two eateries looking to share the food they love with Columbus—and beyond. It just felt right for us to team up and create one item that showcased both of our passions. the result was a beautiful collab called #PizzaBOP. Late Night Slice’s epic dough, cheese, and garlic meets BIBIBOP’s Korean red sauce, corn, purple rice, and sesame seeds topped off with yum yum sauce resulted in a totally magical combination. (Almost as magical as Unicorn Sauce!)

It has been an honor working with and getting to know the Late Night Slice team.


To get their take on our collab, food in general, and kids’ shows (super important), we sat down with Jason Biundo, LNS’s Chief Creative Officer:

BIBIBOP: Where did the idea to collaborate on pizzas come from?

JASON: Our first collaboration was with the (literally) hot new chicken joint in town, Hot Chicken Takeover. It wasn't just a rousing success, it also opened our eyes to the idea that people LOVE when their favorite eateries or whatnot get together to create something special and exclusive. We began working together with other places and bloggers, creating one amazing and special pizza after the next. People love it, and we love doing it. 

B: What makes #PizzaBOP different than any other collaboration Late Night Slice has done in the past?

J: The flavor profile on this one is probably the most complex, and arguably the most representative of our partner in the collaboration. It tastes like a BIBIBOP pizza should. Which is satisfying, because when we began developing it, we had no idea where it would go. Just like when you walk in to a BIBIBOP, the possibilities were endless. 

B: Describe yourself in three words.

J: Nerdy. Restless. Hungry. 

B: What does your BIBIBOP bowl have in it?

J: Purple Rice and Spicy Chicken every time. All else changes with each visit. 

B: What’s your dream vacation?

J: Three months traveling the world with unlimited funds, finding a comic book shop in each city I visit. 

B: Favorite Columbus restaurant?

J: Impossible to single one out as my favorite. I love to eat, and every place I go regularly has a sentimental value. So for this one, I'll just answer where I'm having dinner tonight: Dirty Franks. Or maybe Da Levee? Wait, wait... Juniors Tacos.... ugh, I can't decide. 

B: If you could only attend one Columbus festival a year, what would you choose?

J: Probably Comfest. I know people who complain about it not being what it once was, and maybe that's true. But every year I go, and every year I have a great time checking out local art, local music, and running into friends. 

B: Favorite kids show? (We know you secretly watch them…everyone with kids does).

J: Nothing secret about it. I love cartoons. But my favorite is probably Avatar: The Last Airbender (and it's follow up The Legend of Korra).  This show is absolute amazing, inspiring, amusing, and beautiful.  I can not wait to experience it with my son when he's old enough. 

B: What can we look forward to seeing from Mikey’s Late Night Slice in the near future? 

J: One word: Cincinnati.  

B: Social Media Handles:

J: IG @the_gr8_beyondo, SNAP thegr8beyondo

B: Final thoughts on #PizzaBOP:

J: I probably shouldn't have had that 18th slice. 


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